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Who is suitable for a vasectomy?

What are the advantages of having a vasectomy?

How is a vasectomy performed?

What to expect after a vasectomy?

Procedure outcomes

Post-Operative Care Instructions


A vasectomy is a minor procedure in which the vas deferens (tubes that carry the sperm from the testicles to the body) are cut. This renders the man infertile. Vasectomy is a very safe and effective form of permanent contraception.

The specialist urologists of Melbourne Urology Centre can assist you in determining whether a vasectomy is an appropriate choice for your individual circumstances. Vasectomy is generally considered to be an irreversible procedure. Whilst vasectomy reversal may be possible it is not guaranteed to be effective.

Who is suitable for a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is an appropriate procedure for men who:

  • Are certain that they never want to have children
  • Already have children but have decided that they do not wish to have more
  • Have a serious health concern that is known to be genetic, and therefore do not
    wish to pass this on.

What are the advantages of having a vasectomy?

  • Vasectomy is considered to be a safe and permanent contraceptive solution
  • It does not affect a man’s libido, ability to have an erection or to ejaculate
  • The procedure itself is relatively quick and simple with fast recovery time

How is a vasectomy performed?

  • The vasectomy procedure usually takes between 15-30 minutes
  • At Melbourne Urology Centre the procedure is safely performed under sedation or a quick general anaesthetic
  • A small 5mm incision is made on each side of the scrotum so that the surgeon can access the vas deferens
  • The surgeon locates the vas deferens tubes, cuts them and removes a small piece of tissue
  • The ends of the tubes are tied and sealed using diathermy to prevent them joining back together

What to expect after a vasectomy?

  • Following the vasectomy, there will be some minor pain, possible swelling and bruising in the groin area and scrotum
  • If you have had intravenous or general anaesthetic, you will need someone to drive you home and you will not be permitted to drive for 24 hours following the procedure
  • Most usual activities can be resumed within just a couple of days, with the exception of strenuous exercise and heavy lifting, which should be avoided for a week or as advised by your surgeon.

Procedure outcomes

  • Vasectomy is the safest and most effective form of permanent contraception
  • It is very important to note that vasectomy is not effective immediately
  • It takes 2-3 months and up to 20 ejaculations to clear the sperm from the vas deferens; during this time you will still need to use other forms of contraception
  • A post-vasectomy semen test is required as a follow-up to confirm that the procedure has been effective
  • Vasectomy does not provide any protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Post-Operative Care Instructions

What to expect:

  • Minor bruising may be present on the skin
  • Minor bleeding may be present from the wound. You can wear a light pad in your underwear if necessary
  • Scrotal discomfort should resolve within a week
  • Suture material is dissolvable and may take a few weeks to dissolve.

Return to activity:

  • Driving – no driving for 24 hours
  • Work – you will require some time off work; the duration will depend on your occupation. Generally, you may return to light duties after 24-48 hours
  • Lifting – avoid heavy lifting for a week following your procedure to minimize secondary bleeding
  • Activities – walking is fine and encouraged following your procedure, however you should avoid strenuous activity for a week following your procedure
  • Sex – avoid for 48 hours or until you feel comfortable. Vasectomy is not effective immediately. You must use another form of contraception until you are given clearance from your doctor
  • You can shower after 24 hours but avoid soaking in the bath for at least one week. Your wound must remain clean and dry.

Pain Management:

You may take ibuprofen or paracetamol if you are experiencing discomfort.


How long before I am sterile?

It usually takes between 2-3 months (and at least 20 ejaculations) to achieve sterility. A semen check is performed to confirm this and you must use another form of contraception until you are advised by your Urologist.

Call our rooms if:

  • You have severe bruising or swelling- this may be due to secondary bleeding
  • Fevers, chills or shakes (may indicate infection)

Follow-Up Information:

Our rooms will contact you to arrange a follow-up appointment with your urologist, typically 2-3 months after your procedure

Your follow-up appointment is on: ____________________ at __________________.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed here or in the procedure information available on our website contact our rooms on 1300 702 811 or [email protected]

Post-Operative information for this procedure can be found here: Vasectomy Post-Operative Care Instructions

Written by Dr. Shekib Shahbaz and Dr. Tony de Sousa


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