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Melbourne Urology Center Urological Specialists: Best Urologist Springvale

At Melbourne Urology Centre, we understand that when it comes to specialist urological care, you want the best. Our specialists Mr. Tony de Sousa and Mr. Shekib Shahbaz are widely regarded as some of the best urologists Springvale locals can access.

Our specialists always aim to treat patients as close to home as possible, so for locals in the area of Springvale urologist Mr. Shekib Shahbaz sees patients at Mulgrave Private Hospital.

If you are a general practitioner that is looking to refer patients to the best urologists Springvale or within the south eastern Melbourne metro area, make the experts at Melbourne Urology Centre your preferred urological specialists. Dr. Shekib Shahbaz and Dr. Tony de Sousa are both Australian-trained specialist urologists, who are fully trained and highly experienced in utilizing the latest technologies and treatments available, including state of the art robotics and laser.

Family doctors and general practitioners who need to refer their patients for the evaluation of a specialist urologist Springvale area and surrounding suburbs can have absolute confidence in the friendly, compassionate, and caring team at Melbourne Urology Centre.

At Melbourne Urology Centre, our Springvale urologists are comprehensively trained experts in using the latest technologies including robotics and laser. Best urologist Springvale, Mr. Shekib Shahbaz has undertaken specialized training at many centres of excellence across Asia, the United States and Europe. Mr. Tony de Sousa has received numerous awards for excellence in the urological field of medicine. Both of our Melbourne Urology Centre Urologists are experts in:

Melbourne Urology Centre: Best Urologist Springvale

At Melbourne Urology Centre, we always strive to treat patients as close to their home as possible; for patients in and around the area of Springvale urologists Mr. Shekib Shahbaz and Mr. Tony de Sousa can treat patients number of hospitals local to the area, which include:

  • Mulgrave Private Hospital
  • Epworth Freemasons
  • John of God Berwick Hospital
  • Cabrini Private Hospital
  • Monash Health.

Melbourne Urology Centre: Best Urologist Springvale

Mr. Shahbaz and Mr. de Sousa of Melbourne Urology Centre are considered some of the best urologist Springvale locals can visit for specialized urological care. Both Mr. Shahbaz and Mr. de Sousa continue to be involved in teaching, professional development, and scientific research. Melbourne Urology Centre often facilitates informational events for GPs and allied health professionals to increase their knowledge or urological conditions and gain professional development points, as well as participating in public health promotion events.

Melbourne Urology Centre: Best Urologist Springvale

If you are a patient or doctor searching for the best urologist Springvale, contact Melbourne Urology Centre today. Dr. Shekib Shahbaz and Dr. Tony de Sousa always work to provide all patients with high-quality, individualized urological care.

If you would like to arrange an appointment time with one of our Melbourne Urology Centre specialist urologists, please phone our rooms on 1300 702 811 to speak with one of our friendly staff, or submit the online contact form on our website and a member of staff will contact you with further instructions.


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