Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate (HoLEP)

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Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate (HoLEP)

Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate (HoLEP) is a safe, modern and definitive surgical treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). This is an alternative to the traditional TURP surgery. It involves the use of a small telescope (cystoscopy) and high powered laser to remove the enlarged obstructing lobes of the prostate, creating an open prostatic urethra. This treatment is very effective in relieving the bothersome symptoms of enlarged prostate (BPH). Most patients can be discharged 1-2 days following surgery.

Doctors Shekib Shahbaz and Tony de Sousa of Melbourne Urology Centre are highly trained in performing this procedure. They have access to Lumenis MOSES high powered holmium laser machine to perform this procedure safely and effectively. They offer a personalized service and can discuss your options including suitability for this treatment.

Who should consider HoLEP?

  • Those experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of prostate enlargement (BPH)
    • Weak stream of urine
    • Incomplete emptying of the bladder
    • Stop and start when urinating
    • Straining to begin urination
    • An increased need to urinate
    • Interrupted sleep because of the need to urinate
    • Complications of enlarged prostate
  • Those who want an alternative option to TURP for management of their BPH
  • Those who have enlarged prostate symptoms and failed minimally-invasive treatment options
  • Those whose prostate anatomy is not appropriate for other treatment options
  • Those who don’t wish to take medications or medications are ineffective or have had side effects
  • Those who want to improve their quality of life to what it was before BPH symptoms

Advantages of HoLEP

HoLEP is a definitive treatment option for enlarged prostate (BPH) and its associated bothersome symptoms. It involves:

  • Improvement of symptoms to maximal degree, even for very large prostates
  • Durable results and chance of requiring further surgery is very low
  • Quicker recovery with minimal bleeding compared to TURP in some cases
  • Eliminates the need for lifelong use of medications

What to expect?

The procedure is performed under general (or spinal) anaesthetic. It can take anywhere from 20 minutes up to four hours depending on the size of the prostate. The length of stay is normally one to two days with a urinary catheter in place to wash out any clots.

Most of the recovery is done at home and in most cases normal activities can be resumed as soon as 3-5 days post procedure. Heavy or strenuous activity should be avoided for up to four weeks while the prostate cavity is healing completely.

The most common side effects include pain or burning with urination, blood in the urine, pelvic pain, urgent need to urinate and/or the inability to control the urge. These symptoms typically subside within the first four weeks following procedure.

Are you suitable for HoLEP?

Melbourne Urology Centre offers HoLEP treatment in Melbourne to local and interstate patients. Your case will be thoroughly evaluated including discussion of other appropriate management options. We offer a full range of surgical options for enlarged prostate (BPH), including:

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