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Having regular prostate checks is a necessary part of life for most adult men. Whilst it can be a nervous time for some men, having a prostate check is a vital step in ensuring that you keep on top of your health, and are made aware of any changes or abnormalities before they become problematic.

At Melbourne Urology Centre, our experienced specialist urologists understand the sensitive nature of men’s health concerns. As such, we offer a completely personalized service.

What does a prostate check determine?

A prostate check can help to identify abnormalities or changes in the prostate. This gives you and your doctor the opportunity to treat these changes before they become a problem.

Many Australian men suffer from bothersome urinary symptoms. These can impact on a man’s overall quality of life, lead to a lack of sleep, and impact their relationships. Over a million Australian men are affected by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which can cause these urinary symptoms, but also approximately 17,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in Australia annually.

Having regular prostate checks is an important step; early prostate cancer detection saves lives.

At what age should a man have a prostate check?

The recommendation for most men is that they have a prostate check at age 50, and then regularly every one or two years thereafter. Men with a family history of prostate cancer or some other health concerns may opt to begin having prostate checks earlier; you can discuss this with your specialist urologist, who will be able to make a sound recommendation based on your individual condition.

Regular prostate checks can help to establish a baseline of what is normal for an individual.

What happens during a prostate check?

What happens during a prostate check will largely depend on your individual circumstances and the nature of the consultation. Your specialist urologist will take a thorough medical history, which will include asking questions about your health background, then conducting an examination and possibly ordering some tests.

The most common test performed as part of a prostate check is a PSA screening, which simply involves a blood test.

Your doctor may or may not perform a digital rectal examination (DRE) during your prostate check.

A multiparametric-MRI scan may be arranged as part of the prostate check. This can help to establish the size of the prostate as well as any areas that may be suspicious for prostate cancer.

Signs that you should have a prostate check:

If you are over the age of 50 or you have not seen your doctor for a prostate check for more than two years, you should be aware of some of the signs and symptoms that indicate that you should make an appointment with a urologist.

  • Changes in urination: that may be changes in frequency, needing to urinate more frequently at night, weak or interrupted flow, or feeling like you’re unable to empty your bladder completely
  • Blood in the urine or ejaculate
  • Abnormal erections or erectile dysfunction

Book a prostate check with our specialist urologists.

Our urological specialists at Melbourne Urology Centre are highly experienced in performing prostate checks. Take control of your health and book an appointment for a prostate check with one of our specialists today. Please contact our clinic to make an appointment.


Written by Dr. Shekib Shahbaz and Dr. Tony de Sousa



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