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A reverse vasectomy is a minor procedure in which the vas deferens (tubes that carry the sperm from the testicles to the penis) are reconnected. The surgical team at Melbourne Urology Centre comprises an expert urologist and a specialist reconstructive micro-surgeon, using a high-powered surgical microscope. The cooperation of each surgeon’s unique skill set offers the patient the best possible chance at becoming fertile once again.

Who is suitable for a reverse vasectomy?

A reverse vasectomy is an appropriate procedure for men who wish to regain their fertility. Each patient’s case is thoroughly evaluated, including the discussion of other management options. Our surgeons also have a close affiliation with fertility clinics for patients who may be best suited for Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART/IVF).

What are the advantages of having a microscopic reverse vasectomy?

Microscopic reverse vasectomy is minimally invasive. It enables a man to have multiple conceptions if successful and desired. Reverse vasectomy is also more cost-effective than assisted reproductive techniques and allows for natural conception.

Reverse vasectomy also enables sperm to be retrieved easily for use with ART in future.

How is a microscopic reverse vasectomy performed?

  • The patient’s suitability for a reverse vasectomy is thoroughly evaluated during a detailed consultation prior to the procedure
  • Reverse vasectomy is performed under general anaesthetic
  • An incision in the scrotum is made and the vas deferens is located on either side
  • Depending on the surgeon’s findings, a decision is made as to whether a vaso-vasotomy or vaso-epidydymostomy is performed
  • Local anaesthetic is placed in the wound and the skin is closed with absorbable sutures
  • Supportive dressings are applied.

In most cases, a reverse vasectomy is performed as a day case, however some patients may require an overnight stay.

What to expect after a reverse vasectomy?

  • Following the reverse vasectomy, there may be some tenderness, possible swelling and bruising in the groin area and scrotum
  • Light duties at work may be resumed after a few days
  • Scrotal support with firm-fitting underwear is recommended to be worn for two weeks
  • Strenuous exercise, heavy lifting and sex should be avoided for around 4 weeks or as advised by your surgeon
  • After a successful reverse vasectomy, sperm will once again be present in the semen, making future pregnancy possible.

Procedure outcomes

A sperm analysis is recommended to be performed at around 8-12 weeks following the reverse vasectomy. It may take up to a year for viable sperm to appear in the semen following the reverse vasectomy. The presence of sperm in the semen does not always guarantee successful conception, due to sperm antibodies, poor quality sperm and female partner sub-fertility. Your doctor can discuss this with you prior to having the reverse vasectomy.


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